Starlight® is our cloud based smart energy and water management IoT platform. Starlight® is a reliable, easy to deploy solution, fast becoming the leader in the marketplace.

  • 500+ commercial buildings for energy monitoring
  • 100+ commercial buildings for water monitoring

Starlight® monitors and manages:

  • Energy and water consumption
  • Power demand and quality
  • Utilities billing
  • Carbon footprint


Starlight® Key Components

Edge Computing

Fog Infrastructure

Digital Twin Analytics

Fog Computing

IoT Data Acquisition and Processing Platform

Utility Billing

Starlight® Edge Computing Layer

Manuca Sensor Pod

Edge Sensor Pod

Manuca DK Ultra-Secure Sensor Pod.

Tesseract Cube

Starlight® Edge Computing Device: The Tesseract®

Tesseract® P-Series Power Meters

Tesseract R Series

Starlight® Edge Computing Device: The Tesseract®

Tesseract® R-Series Revenue Meters

Starlight® Fog Computing Layer

Decada Edge

IoT Gateway

Decada Edge Ultra-Secure IoT Gateway

Starlight® Fog Infrastructure

Starlight® IoT Data Acquisition and Processing Platform


Starlight® IoT Data Acquisition platform acquires and collates data collected by the Fog Computing Gateways or directly from edge devices, and passes the data to the IoT Data Processing platform to perform Validation, Estimation and Editing (“VEE”).


Building 8-day business type, equipment type utility consumption profiles (Mon-Sun + Public Holiday) and performing data validation of newly acquired utility data against these profiles;


Estimation of missing or erroneous data via extrapolation from 8-day consumption profiles or interpolation between 2 actual data points.


Alerting users of and fixing erroneous data.

Digital Twin Data Analytics

Powerful, fast rendering interactive 3D visualization platform

Drill into building, levels, rooms, individual equipment for more granular analysis

Highly scalable and easily configurable for addition of charts, software functions and IoT sensors & controllers

Customizable settings for alarms and alerts

Detailed portfolio overview of energy, water and other building systems information

Create 3D models by importing BIM files and preserve structural, equipment and cabling/piping attributes

Comprehensive Analytics

  • Monitor real-time and historical energy and water parameters
  • Perform consumption trends across your portfolio at various levels of granularity
  • Define rules to alert you when alarms, breaches or conditions are being triggered
  • Track your peak demand and identify top demand offenders
  • Monitor and identify areas of abnormal energy and water loss
Energy Analytics
Starlight Analytics
Smart Utilities Singapore

Starlight® Utility Billing

The Starlight® billing platform provides full-featured revenue assurance functionalities for the utility billing industry. 

Key features include:

  • Multiple product mixes
  • Customer relationship management
  • Complex pricing plans and tariff structures
  • Utility contract management
  • Automated billing and adjustment
  • Collection services including electronic payment options such as GIRO, direct debit (NETS), payment kiosk solutions (AXS, SAMS)
  • Direct interface to Starlight® IoT Data Acquisition and Processing platforms
  • Customer self-service portal and mobile apps
  • Power dashboarding and reporting features
  • APIs exposed for direct interfaces to utilities company’s internal financial systems
  • Unique user interface, high configurable according to the corporate identity of an individual utility company