Simplicity® Business Software

Drive your Business in the Express Lane. Simplicity® by Anacle.

Simplicity® is our bold mission to liberate the enslaved workforce from overly complex and redundant Enterprise Resource Planning systems that require extensive training to use. With Simplicity® we return the power to the user – you can now have a system that is simple to use yet sophisticated and powerful. You can now execute powerful functions in simple steps. You can now be free.

Simplicity® is a package of enterprise application software solutions. Simplicity® is easy to use and simple to implement. Simplicity® will empower your workface and set them free.

Some key technological features of Simplicity® include:

  • Mobile aware for tablet and smart phone usage
  • Specially designed user interface emphasizing selfintuitiveness and user-friendliness
  • Fully web-based, service-oriented and n-tiered architecture based on Microsoft® .NET 4.0
  • Windows® Workflow Foundation-compatible workflow engine that supports configurable business processes for different operational processes in various operational contexts
  • Configurable data fields for business objects
  • Document templates engine for publishing of documents designed in Microsoft® Office formats
  • Comprehensive Web Services, GIS and CTI interfaces for integration with other systems
  • File repository to store important documents and relate them to system objects
  • Support for multi-lingual user interface
  • Powerful reporting tools and rapid development platform
  • Compatibility with major business rules engine such as Microsoft® Biztalk BRE and IBM® iLOG Rules
  • Compatible with major Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) such as Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL
  • Supports key security features such as user access control, Secure Sockets Layer, data encryption, session expiry
  • Simplicity® Mobile Applications provide wireless access through any carriers that supports TCP/IP (e.g. 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN,GSM, GPRS, CDMA, CDPD, Motorola® iDEN).

How does Simplicity® work?

Simplicity® Business Software consists of six core software applications and two support platform modules - Decision Support Modules and Application Configuration Tools. These two support suites enhances ease-of-use through the use of extremely intuitive dashboard, workflow designer, reports etc., making Simplicity® pain-free to adopt and versatile.
Simplicity Dashboards

Decision Support Modules

  • Creates and hosts a series of interactive charts based on real-time statistics.
  • Able to provide a bird’s eye view of the organization’s performance against Key Performance Indicators.
  • Generate standard or customized reports, in various formats, on demand or batched for automatic dissemination.
  • Allows greater real-time visibility and monitoring of assets, KPIs, and other critical business activities
Laptop Simplicity

Application Configuration Tools

Report Writer
  • Build or modify online Spreadsheet Reports™ and dashboards, with comprehensive report building tools.
  • Easy integration with business intelligence/OLAP analysis software
Workflow Designer
  • Configure and modify business processes with new business process templates that are easy to design, visualize and deploy.
  • Supports sequential and state machine workflows
Language Pack Editor
  • Allows customization of label texts and alert messages.
  • Provides a desktop interface for side-by-side label and text translation.
  • Built-in automatic checks for missing translations.
Data Migration Toolbox
  • Simple input, upload, import, update, delete functions for data.
  • Provide direct mapping of source fields to target fields.
  • Validate migrated data for format errors.

Other add-on modules are also available:

  • Document Manager
  • Mobile Applications
  • SMS Gateway
  • Audit Server
  • Third-Party Interfaces such as OPC Client and Web Services Toolbox

Applications of Simplicity®

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Reduce Cost
  • Manage Asset
  • Maintain asset register
  • Track all relevant asset data including equipment specific parameters, maintenance plans, safety checklists as well as location specific details

Commercial Tenancy Management

  • Manage spatial information of end-user’s commercial properties,
  • Manage lease prospecting life cycle, including vacancy search, negotiation, and final customer acceptance
  • Manage leases

Shared Resources Management

  • Manage resource bookings
  • Define resources that can be shared and charges and rules on how resources can be shared
  • Enable users to book various facilities and resources based on a set of configurable business rules

Supply Chain Management

  • Manage inventory
  • Allow for configuration of inventory parameters such as re-order quantities
  • Manage procurement
  • Manage contracts
  • Conduct analysis to identify most important stock-keeping units, rates of usage, and costs

Customer Relationship Management

  • Track key customers’ information
  • Track complaints, feedback and service requests
  • Manage service quality
  • Maintain a centralized customer database

Financial Management

  • Manage payables
  • Manage budget
  • Provide tools for computation of late payment interest and management of arrears
  • Provide Cash management services with accounts payable functionalities
  • Monitor activity-specific income and expense budgets
  • Allow for tracking of value of portfolio of capital assets

Key Benefits associated with Simplicity®

Increased revenues

Improve sales and marketing effectiveness

Reducing operating costs

Help reduce costs by streamlining and automating property management functions

Improved quality of service for tenants

Improve the level of service that property owners and managers provide to tenants

Streamlined and simplified business processes

Provide integrated solutions for managing a wide variety of processes