Anacle awarded as one of Singapore’s Top disruptors and innovators

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Alex Lau, Anacle Chief Executive Officer, appeared on Peak Magazine

SINGAPORE – November, 2017 – Alex Lau, CEO of Anacle Systems is featured in ‘The Peak Magazine’, a luxury lifestyle magazine for Singapore’s corporate and business elite.

Alex was awarded as one of Singapore’s Top ‘Disruptors and Innovators’ when he introduced the ‘Tesseract’.

An edge computing device with 64-bit computing power and 10GB in-device storage encryption capabilities, vastly surpassing the industry standard.  With the very first in the world EMC-safe capacitive touchscreen.  That brings an unparalleled user experience and interface flexibility.

The ‘Tesseract’ is future proof with it’s App-Eco-system architecture. Enabling it’s capability to be expanded via the installation of ‘on-demand’ management Apps.   Like many Android based Smartphones, the ‘Tesseract’ is an open invitation for developers to create applications that will upgrade the data collecting device’s functionality.  By doing so, it is creating a whole new R&D landscape that was previously non-existent.

Read the article by The Peak Magazine here

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About Anacle Systems Limited

Anacle is a leading provider of commercial property management software and building energy management system in Singapore. Anacle is accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under the Accreditation programme which provides an independent and rigorous third party evaluation of the company’s core capabilities such as product functionality, financial management and operations. The accreditation affirms the quality, business sustainability and scalability of Anacle’s products. 

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