Starlight® Energy Management System

Transform Energy Efficiency into Business Productivity. Starlight® by Anacle.

With rising energy costs and growing concerns over corporate carbon footprint, businesses today face intense pressure to cut energy costs and minimize wastage of resources.

Factors such as lax practices, inefficient equipment, and poor power factor can cause up to 55% energy wastage, while a careless demand policy and weak electrical design can result in extra costs of up to 200%. However, the process of energy management and data collection is often labor intensive and prone to errors, leaving businesses struggling to collate figures and diagnose problem areas accurately.

Introduce the most flexible and reliable energy management system to your operations. Equipped with advanced technology, Starlight® features high accuracy, premium quality, and the ability to be integrated easily in a wired, wireless, or hybrid system. The incorporation of Zigbee technology also enables low implementation cost.

With Starlight®, you can obtain insights to how, why, and when energy is being used, while enjoying exceptional returns on investment.


How does Starlight® work?

Starlight® provides an overview of your energy consumption, power quality and carbon footprint profiles by making use of multiple Starlight® Meters and Communicators. With Zigbee protocol, these connect automatically to form a wireless network that can be easily integrated in wired or hybrid networks.

The components of Starlight® include:

Starlight® Communicator and data acquisition server

  • Relay information from power meters to a central data acquisition server within the building

Download Datasheet - Communicator

Starlight® Meters

  • Collate data from various data acquisition servers across multiple buildings
  • Processes the collected data into a format suitable for use by the follow on billing or energy analytics software

Download Datasheet - Tesseract

Download Datasheet – EM6400 meter

Download Datasheet – EM6300 meter

Starlight® Management Software

  • Collects, collates and stores data from Communicators in the network
  • Provides energy profiling reports including analysis of energy consumption, peak demand, power quality and carbon footprint
  • Meter Data Management (MDM) that enables central management of meter data collection, validation, tariffs, billing, and pre-paid credit balances.

Starlight® Meters monitor the power quality and energy consumption of your appliances and equipment, and transmit these data to a Starlight® Communicator. The Communicator then relays the information to the Starlight® Server. This network is self-managed and does not require any cabling or setting up of wireless access points.

The data collected by the Starlight® management software is backed up on the Starlight® Server. Based on the generated energy profiling reports, you will be able to track usage patterns and trends and identify errant users or problem areas which you can then rectify.

Anacle Services


  • Site survey
  • Requirement analysis, identify right system components
  • System architecture

Turnkey project execution

  • Network planning, Equipment Supply
  • Installation, Commissioning and UAT
  • System operation

System Integration

  • Integration with existing IT
  • Interfacing to existing ERP system
  • Third party component integration

Server Hosting

  • Server hosting
  • Bill generation
  • Due Diligence

Support through SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • Timely support
  • Maintenance
  • Audit

Key System Features of Starlight®

  • Prepaid and Post Paid metering on the fly
  • Consumer participation through IHD (In Home Displays)
  • Mobile applications to improve awareness and payments
  • Integration with major payment gateways
  • Cloud based Systems
  • Integration with top ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft
  • IP based (IPv6) communications for FAN (Field Area Network)

Key Benefits associated with Starlight®

Improve Energy Efficiency

Provide building owners with a centralized view of the energy usage across different buildings and equipment.

Consumption Forecasting

Display information and data of energy usage in charts and dashboards.

Find out how much each equipment is consuming, so you can prioritize energy conservation investments and track improvements

Timely and Precise Billing

Allow building owners to manage billing of electricity usage accurately and efficiently.

Identifying abnormalities in energy consumption

Assist property owners and energy retailers to detect energy theft or meter installation mistakes